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Huntworth Bat Survey

HalpinRobbins were commissioned to undertake a bat activity survey on a workshop barn in Huntworth, Somerset in support of a planning application to convert the barn to a residential property.

The local planning authority had requested the client to supply a bat survey for the barn prior to the granting of a planning application. HalpinRobbins were instructed, by the client, to supply a Phase 1 bat survey within five days of being commissioned, with the survey to include historic records for the area and internal and external inspection of the barn.

The survey identified that the barn had multiple potential openings and crevices that could both allow bats access to the inside of the barn and provide potential roosting spaces, although no signs of activity were found. Due to the potential for bats a Phase 2 bat surveys of the building was recommended.

The Phase 2 surveys recorded four bat species within the area Common pipistrelle (Pipistrellus pipistrellus), Soprano pipistrelle (Pipsitrellus pygmaeus), Noctule (Nyctalus noctula) and Myotis sp.. None of these were recorded entering or leaving the barn.

The lack of bat activity associated with the barn was determined to be due to the halogen lighting, from the adjacent residential property, that illuminated the adjacent properties garden, the main sites residency and the barn.

The findings of the report and survey were submitted to the local planning authority and the planning permission was successfully granted.


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