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Water Feature Management

Ponds, lakes, rivers and streams support a diverse range of plants and animals, provide amenity value and flood and drainage control. Maintaining water quality and water capacity is important for the urban, semi-urban and open countryside environment.

Water features, such as ponds and lakes, in urban parks and open countryside are an integral part of the landscape providing amenity value, ecological habitat, flood capacity and drainage control. Without careful and continuing, effective, management these features can become poor habitats for plants and animals, lose amenity value and increase the regularity of flooding on site, locally or within a region.

HalpinRobbins provide a range of services to support and aid the ongoing management of all water features including:-

  • Ecology surveys (plant and animal);
  • Water quality assessments (waste, freshwater, drinking);
  • Sediment / silt analysis (nutrient, chemical and physical composition);
  • Natural water remediation processes;
  • Resource recovery;
  • Waste water and sediment / silt management.

HalpinRobbins work closely with a number of land and water maintenance specialists across England and Wales providing services to assist them, private and commerical clients in legal compliance, environmental protection and resource recovery and reuse; the latter is key to ensuring the cost effectiveness of most maintenance operations.

All our water, sediment, silt and soil samples are collected from site, according to the projects requirements and desired outcomes and sent to a UKAS/MCERTS accredited laboratory for testing. For any analysis requiring specific onsite testing HalpinRobbins has a wide variety of testing kits and equipment.

Depending on project requirements, HalpinRobbins can provide ongoing maintenance plans or work with specialists, land owners or private individuals to develop and establish pond, lake and river maintenance and management plans.

For a better idea about our projects and work involving water feature management see our case studies or contact us to discuss your project.

More information about legal requirements and guidance for water feature management and mainteance can be found on the website.

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Our staff maintain and enhance their knowledge of ecology and the environment through research, specialist training and by maintaining membership of several professional and specialist bodies including:

Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management
Royal Entomological Society
British Ecological Society

If you wish to find out more about permitting, ecology services or to discuss a project or development please contact us directly for a free, non-committal discussion.

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