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Hedgerow Survey

Winter hedgerow somerset

What is a Hedgerow Survey?

Hedgerow surveys collect information about the condition of the hedgerow and the species and features present to confirm the ecological importance (value) of the hedgerow to wildlife, and the wider landscape, and contribute to site management plans.

Do I need a Hedgerow Survey?

If a project or development will require the removal of a hedgerows at least 20m long or, if shorter, connected to other hedgerows at both ends or part of a longer hedgerow and is in or adjacent to common land, village greens, Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Local Nature Reserve (LNR), land used for agriculture, forestry or breeding or keeping of horses, ponies or donkeys then a hedgerow survey is required.

Why are Hedgerow Survey needed?

Hedgerows are protected under the Hedgerow Regulation 1997, making it illegal to remove most hedges without permission.

Removal is uprooting or otherwise destroying a hedgerow. Serious damage to the root system or over-maintenance resulting in the death of the hedgerow counts as removal.

How much will a Hedgerow Survey cost?

Hedgerow surveys will usually be undertaken alongside a Phase 1 or preliminary ecological assessment (PEA) and should not warrant any additional cost. However if requested as a stand alone survey the cost will depend on the project, development and location; for a better idea of our projects and prices see our case studies or contact us to discuss your project.

When can a Hedgerow Survey be done?

These assessments can be done at any time of the year, including winter, although the optimum timing is between April to October.


Our staff maintain and enhance their knowledge of ecology and the environment through research, specialist training and by maintaining membership of several professional and specialist bodies including:

Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management
Royal Entomological Society
British Ecological Society

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